Training facilitys

In summer 2006, our sand gallop was fully renovated. The facility is 4.8 metres wide, 1500 metres long, and is railed. The surface is a special sand based mixture, which absorbs moisture and slowly returns to its natural state. The gallop is treated on a regular basis with a harrow made by the Rampelmann and Spliethoff company, as well as a waterdrum. For irrigation, the water from the drum is dispensed directly onto the sand gallops using a nozzle attached to the harrow.

On the inside of the sand gallops are standard grass gallops, which are also used to prepare young horses starting off their racing careers.

The 9 permanent steeplechase fences have matured over the years and provide an excellent obstacle with which to school the horses over . In addition to two original English hurdles, the gallops have 5 other hurdles made from a hardwearing broom-like material, offering a high quality and durable obstacle.

The stables also have a horse walker with capacity for 8 horses, scales to monitor the horses weight, starting gates, and a large paddock where the horses can relax after a days work.